Wagashikiri, the Japanese cake knife which is made by Wajima Kirimoto is made from Japanese white-bark magnolia. The knife slightly big in size. It can be held in the hand firmly and the tip is sharpened carefully and has excellent sharpness. This simple but beautiful cake knife which utilizes the grain of the Magnolia is good for a gift.

technique: Fuki-urushi
material: Natural lacquer and Japanese white-bark magnolia
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WAGASHIKIRI (box of five knives)
¥5,400: 5.7 inch

WAGASHIKIRI (box of five knives)
Ki-urushi (color of crude lacquer)
¥5,400: 5.7 inch

WAGASHIKIRI (box of five knives)
Bengara(iron oxide red)
¥5,400: 5.7 inch

WAGASHIKIRI (box of five knives)
mix of three colors
¥5,400: 5.7 inch
※Set box consists of 2 black, 2 ki-urushi, and 1 bengara

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Taking advantage of the gentle grain of Magnolia, WAGASHIKIRI is made carefully. It has not only esthetical beauty, but also usefulness.

The remarkable point is this tip. It has excellent sharpness which cannot break the beautiful cake.

You can cut the cakes easily.

Gift wrapping

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