Ballpoint pen
The ballpoint pen which is made from a refined, thin and straight wheel technique by Wajima's wood bowl masters.
The ballpoint pen is made of Hinokiasunaro (Thujopsis dolabrata), which is a local material and has a fresh expression and is coated with glass coating.
It is made of Japanese white-bark magnolia, which has a soft and gentle grain and is finished with black lacquer. Its slender form allows it to be carried easily and is an item that can be used each and every day.

technique: Fuki-urushi for black, glass coating for white
material: Natural lacquer and Japanese white-bark magnolia, and Thujopsis dolabrata, and metal parts of the pen
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Ball point pen
Black (Japanese white-bark magnolia
coated with black lacquer)
¥6,480 : φ0.35×5.12 inch length

Ball point pen
White (Thujopsis dolabrata
coated with glass coating)
¥5,400 : φ0.35×5.12 inch length

※Cross ball point refill can be used.

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The structure of this pen is quite simple. When an axis is rotated, a core develops. A 0.03-inch nib is smooth when writing.

It looks smart and soft and has a warm handle. It just fits as your business partner.

This ball point pen is in a Paulownia wooden gift box which is good for a gift to someone special.

Personalized with gold lacquer

  • price : ¥2,160
  • Can be personalized with one line up to five characters. (Chinese character, hiragana, katakana, and alphabet)
  • We are flexible with orders (eg. characters, position, horizontal and vertical writing, etc) Please do not hesitate to consult us.
  • Please leave the size of characters to us.
  • It takes 7 to 10 days to finish. Please be mindful of this when ordering.

Gift wrapping

  • Free gift wrapping shown in the pictures.
  • As a reminder, it may differ from the photograph depending on the size of the box or shape.