MEISHIIRE( lacquered business card holder )
This is the business card holder which utilizing Hinoki asunaro, Thujopsis dolabrata, the local material in Wajima, and finished with “Makiji” technique which cannot be damaged easily. This is made by assembling the parts of a thin tree board. After that, cloth pasting is applied and finally a coating of wajima jinoko (roasted, crushed, and sifted diatomaceous earth) is added. This lacquered business card holder not only has strength but is beautifully designed. Also it ensures that you make a great first impression wherever you go. The more you use it, the more it gains luster and you can enjoy this change of expression over the years.

technique: Makiji
material: Natural lacquer and Thujopsis dolabrata
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Business card holder・Black
¥16,200 : 3.94×2.48×t0.43 inch
※Can be stored about 20 business cards

Business card holder・Bengara(iron oxide red)
¥16,200 : 3.94×2.48×t0.43 inch
※Can be stored about 20 business cards

Business card holder・Reddish vermillion
¥16,200 : 3.94×2.48×t0.43 inch
※Can be stored about 20 business cards

Business card holder・White
¥16,200 : 3.94×2.48×t0.43 inch
※Can be stored about 20 business cards

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Put it in your pocket or bag. Makiji finish cannot get damaged or dusty easily. It is a perfect item for the smart business person.

When you open the holder, the lid pops right open. It is a card holder that you want to show someone.

It is made of ten pieces of the straight grain of Hinoki asunaro (Thujopsis dolabrata). Main body part consists of dual parts, inside is the vertical grain and the outside is horizontal grain. In addition, the joint part is reinforced by cloth pasting.
(Development chart of wooden core)

Personalized with gold lacquer

  • price : ¥2,160
  • Can be personalized with one line up to five characters. (Chinese character, hiragana, katakana, and alphabet)
  • We are flexible with orders (eg. characters, position, horizontal and vertical writing, etc) Please do not hesitate to consult us.
  • Please leave the size of characters to us.
  • It takes 7 to 10 days to finish. Please be mindful of this when ordering.

Gift wrapping

  • Free gift wrapping shown in the pictures.
  • As a reminder, it may differ from the photograph depending on the size of the box or shape.