Hirawan has a loose spread from the bottom to the rim. A shallower shape and settled color enhances the beauty of the dish. It can be used for such dishes as rice, a stewed dish, or for salad. Though the technique of traditional "shading-off paint" is used, the gradation in which the gray fades into the black towards the bowl foot, is indicative of a modern and a peculiar world. The beauty of this vessel is magnetic.

technique: Honkataji
material: Natural lacquer and Zelkova
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HIRAWAN・Gradation of Black and Nez
Medium ¥23,760 : φ5.50×h2.47 inch
Small   ¥21,600 : φ5.03×h2.20 inch

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There are two sizes medium, and small. The vessel is utilized not only for soup, but for rice, stewed dishes and for salad.

Shallower shape and settledcolor enhances the beauty of the dish.

The gradation in which Rikyu-nezu (the grayish dark green) fades into the black towards the bowl foot, creates a traditional yet modern and peculiar feel.
The beauty of this vessel is magnetic.

Personalized with gold lacquer

  • price : ¥2,160
  • Can be personalized with one line up to five characters. (Chinese character, hiragana, katakana, and alphabet)
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