Take Care of Genuine Lacquerware

There are no special requirements when taking care of lacquerware. Simply wash it using a sponge and neutral washing up liquid diluted with cold or lukewarm water. If you use an acrylic-yarn sponge, you do not even need dishwashing liquid. Lacquerware is very environmentally friendly. Hard objects, such as glass, or sharp-pointed objects can damage the coating, so when doing the dishes, please wash lacquerware separately from other items. After washing, wipe off moisture with a soft cloth such as worn-in cotton cloth or a towel in order to prevent water spotting. Lacquerware is made of natural wood and genuine lacquer. Please do not put lacquerware in a dishwasher, a dish dryer, or a microwave oven. Exposure to water sprayed at high pressure or drying can damage the coating and wood. Lacquer must be exposed to humidity and warmth which is 65-80% in humidity and 25 degree Celsius in temperature. Therefore, dry environments put the most strain on lacquerware. Everyday use means everyday washing, so lacquerware can be kept moist simply through use. This is the best way to maintain your lacquerware. Even if scratches or chips appear after long use, lacuqerware with a solild wooden core with a solid under coating can be repaired. Lacquerware is a daily tool which can be used again and again while making repairs as necessary.

Use and raise lacquerware

The products made with a careful finish allowing it to be used for a long time. The same is true of lacquerware which the more you use it, the more it gains natural luster. The more you use it, you will begin to build a certain attachment with it. One of the good points of genuine
lacquerware is it can be repaired even if scratches or chips appear as you use it. The severity of damage differs from customer to customer. After examining the severity of damage, we suggest the best way to repair it thus allowing users to be able to use it for a long time. Ultimately, we want our vessels to last long for you. After receive the renewed lacquerware, you can use it and raise it. The item you use in your daily life should be the one you have affection.

5years used (left) and brand new (right). As you wash it and wipe it, the natural luster becomes brighter.