The soup bowl which has an orthodox shape with “Sensuji” which means a thousand streaks, gives it a rich expression. Sensuji finish is Wajima Kirimoto original technique which has the new expression of modern lacquerware. Lacquer cloth is applied to natural wood on the parts of the piece that can be easily damaged. Using a newly created special brush yields a bold thousand streaks pattern with plenty of Wajima Jinoko which makes the surface tough, and even engenders its “aging” (antique) expression. The combination of color of the deep lacquer and food or beverage is exquisite. It is hygienic and easy to care for and also safe with metal cutlery.

technique: Sensuji
material: Natural lacquer and Zelkova
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Large   ¥14,040 : φ4.80×h2.90 inch
Small    ¥12,960 : φ4.50×h2.70 inch

SENSUJI SHIRUWAN・Bengara (iron oxide red)
Large   ¥14,040 : φ4.80×h2.90 inch
Small    ¥12,960 : φ4.50×h2.70 inch

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There are two sizes, large and small. The large size is recommended for those who like miso soup with plenty of ingredients.

Sensuji finish consists of layers of different colored lacquer. At first the color of Nezu may look darker, but it will become olive-green color as you use it.

At first the color of Bengara may look darker. The more you use it, more natural redness will appear and become brighter Bengara color.

Personalized with gold lacquer

  • price : ¥2,160
  • Can be personalized with one line up to five characters. (Chinese character, hiragana, katakana, and alphabet)
  • We are flexible with orders (eg. characters, position, horizontal and vertical writing, etc) Please do not hesitate to consult us.
  • Please leave the size of characters to us.
  • It takes 7 to 10 days to finish. Please be mindful of this when ordering.

Gift wrapping

  • Free gift wrapping shown in the pictures.
  • As a reminder, it may differ from the photograph depending on the size of the box or shape.