The puffy shape KOFUKUWAN’s motif is a powdered green tea bowl which is used during travel. "The Makiji" series originally applies Makiji techniques which utilizes a mixture of Wajima jinoko(roasted, crushed, and sifted diatomaceous earth) and lacquer. It cannot be damaged easily because the high surface hardness and it is also safe with metal cutlery.

technique: Makiji
material: Natural lacquer and Zelkova
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Large   ¥18,360 : φ4.77×h2.95 inch
Medium  ¥16,200 : φ4.17×h2.56 inch
Small    ¥14,040 : φ3.7×h2.36 inch

KOFUKUWAN・Bengara (iron oxide red)
Large   ¥18,360 : φ4.77×h2.95 inch
Medium  ¥16,200 : φ4.17×h2.56 inch
Small    ¥14,040 : φ3.7×h2.36 inch

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The name KOFUKU (literally means “small happiness”) and this puffy shape makes you feel happy. The mat texture is surperb!

As the inside of the bowl is turned on a lathe, it makes for a puffy round shape. It can contain a full bowl of soup easily. The rim that touches the mouth is done very carefully by hand finishing.

Since it is a Makiji finish it doesn't slip easily though it has a little shallow bowl foot. It is possible to hold the bowl firmly.

Personalized with gold lacquer

  • price : ¥2,160
  • Can be personalized with one line up to five characters. (Chinese character, hiragana, katakana, and alphabet)
  • We are flexible with orders (eg. characters, position, horizontal and vertical writing, etc) Please do not hesitate to consult us.
  • Please leave the size of characters to us.
  • It takes 7 to 10 days to finish. Please be mindful of this when ordering.

Gift wrapping

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