The bento-box is made of Thujopsis dolabrata which is the local wood material in Wajima. Hinoki asunaro (Thujopsis dolabrata) has an element called hinokior which has a healing effect, and you can enjoy a fresh aroma. In addition, it functions as an insecticide and antiseptic.
Top coating is glass coating which penetrates deep into the wooden base in order to prevent deterioration and dirt buildup. The item which you can enjoy natural beauty of wood with skilled artisans’ technique.

Design: Masanori OJI
Coating: Glass coating
Material: Japanese white-bark magnolia

¥10,800 : w8.27×d3.35×h2.28 inch
(Capacity: approx.620ml)

¥9,720 : w8.27×d3.35×h1.77 inch
(Capacity: approx.430ml)

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Separation board is included. Removal board is adjustable according to the purpose of use.

Deep size and shallow size, each of them can be stacked. Bento-box can be used for lunch box or tiered food boxes which has style and functionality.

The corner part is fastened with Japanese white bark magnolia. It not only enhances the strength, but also provides design accent.

Bento-box made of beautiful wood makes everyday meals more enjoyable. It can be used not only as a lunch box but also a vessel for hors d'oeuvre.

Gift wrapping

  • Free gift wrapping shown in the pictures.
  • As a reminder, it may differ from the photograph depending on the size of the box or shape.