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【うるしと木工の道具展】[Exhibition of Urushi and Woodworking

広島の ref.02 での企画展のお知らせです。



[Exhibition of Urushi and Woodworking Tools]

From 12/9 (Fri.), we invited two manufacturers who are related to ref.
We will hold a POPUP featuring Wajima woodworking.
Adding new products to the Urushi lacquerware tools of Wajima Kirimoto, which was held in the past, and we have items that are not usually handled by Aizawa Wood Crafts. , please drop by.

about 輪島キリモト @wajimakirimoto

平成27年 商号を「輪島キリモト」とし、木地業を生業にしながら、多くの力ある職人さん達と一緒に、木工製品や漆の器、小物、家具、建築内装材に至るまで、木と漆が今に暮らしにとけ込むようなモノ作りに挑戦し続けています。

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about Wajima Kirimoto@wajimakirimoto

Wajima Kirimoto has dedicated to wood and urushi lacquerware product development for more than 200 years in Wajima, Ishikawa prefecture.
From the late 18th to early 20th century, the company manufactured and sold Wajima Urushi lacquerware and from the 1920’s, the company changed its name to “Kiirmoto Wooden Craft Workshop” and shifted its business specializing in carving the core wooden fittings. The 6th generation, Toshihei, has prepared facilities to handle special Urushi lacquerware wood base and furniture in general. The seventh generation, Taiichi Kirimoto majored in product design at university and worked in an office planning for another company before returning to Wajima. After apprenticing as a wood core maker, he started producing wood modeling proposals, design proposals, and has overseen the overall direction of lacquer production.
In 2015, the trade name was changed to “Wajima Kirimoto”, and the talented craftspeople of the company produce wooden and Urushi lacquered vessels, furniture, and interior elements, exploring the possibilities of wood and Urushi lacquer as a part of modern lifestyles.

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about Aizawa Wood Crafts @aizawa_wood

A Urushi lacquerware base wood shop founded in Wajima, Ishikawa Prefecture in 1947. The company has a wide range of techniques from joinery, bending, wheel, and hollowing, and is good at NC processing.
In recent years, the company has started manufacturing and selling original wooden products, making use of the technical and production capabilities that they have cultivated over the years.
By making use of wood, seeing, touching, holding and using, they manufacture wooden products that give a sense of history.


*Ref. is implementing new coronavirus infection prevention measures so that customers can visit us with peace of mind.
We ask that you cooperate with infection prevention measures such as wearing a mask when entering the store and disinfecting your fingers so that you can use it with peace of mind.

場所 Venue:ref.02

会期 Exhibition period:12/9(金)- from December 9th, 2022

〒730-0036 広島県広島市中区袋町8-18 TEL:082-569-8888
8-18 Fukuro Machi, Naka-ku, Hiroshima-shi, Hiroshima 730-0036
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