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令和4年いしかわ木づかい表彰 Received 2022 Ishikawa Wood Use Award


県産材利用の模範となる住宅や非住宅建築物の ほか、優れた県産材使用製品等を紹介し普及啓 発することを目的に、毎年「いしかわの木づかい表彰」 が実施されています。
担当部署: 石川県農林水産部森林管理課

Received 2022 Ishikawa Wood Use Award
This year, Wajima Kirimoto’s “ASUNARO ELLIPTICAL PAIL” was awarded in the category of products using Ishikawa prefectural materials.
Asunaro (construction material: Noto HIBA, Thujopsis dolabrata) is used for the outer walls of houses and shops in Noto, and is also used in Wajima Urushi lacquerware joinery and curved wooden base.
It is created with a special woodworking technique in which Asunaro, which has excellent durability, is assembled in an oval.
It is used as a foot bath in foreign hotel spas, and as a cooler for wine and sake in restaurants and bars.

“Ishikawa Wood Use Award”
Every year, the Ishikawa Wood Use Award is held to introduce and raise awareness about products that use excellent prefectural timber, as well as housing and non-residential buildings that serve as models for using prefectural timber. .
Department in charge: Forest Management Division, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Department, Ishikawa Prefecture