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阪神梅田本店 『能登のお酒と【のむ】ための道具市 〜輪島キリモトの漆器とともに〜』 のお知らせ

阪神百貨店 のむための道具市企画

能登のお酒と【のむ】ための道具市 〜輪島キリモトの漆器とともに〜





10:00~20:00 (最終日は18時閉場)


 場所:阪神梅田本店 地下1階 お酒売り場内「コミュニティスペース」

This is the announcement of
The Hanshin Department Store Tool Market Exhibition for Drinking
Noto’s sake and a tool market for [drinking] -with Wajima Kirimoto’s urushi lacquerware-

Wajima City, located at the northern end of Ishikawa Prefecture, has a population of only 24,000.
Japanese Sake made with all our heart in a small town and urushi lacquer ware that supports that Sake are created.

“Yorokoppu” (means the cup of joy) produced by Wajima Kirimoto with the craftsmen while interacting with Mr. Yamaguchi, a liquor navigator at Hanshin Department Store.
You can enjoy the fragrance of Japanese Sake as well as the gentleness of the texture and mouthfeel.

We will also introduce tools for “drinking” such as Katakuchi, Guinomi, cups, small plates, and chopsticks.

Period: June 8th, 2022 (Wednesday) → 14th (Tuesday)

10: 00-20: 00 (closed at 18:00 on the last day)

Taiichi Kirimoto, the representative of Wajima Kirimoto, will be in the store from June 10th (Friday) to 13th (Monday).

Venue : “Community space” in the liquor store on the B1FHanshin Department Store Umeda Main Store

輪島キリモト✖️阪神百貨店 Wajima Kirimoto ✖️ Hanshin Department Store

毎日使うと People are happy when they use it every day


漆もよろこぶ Urushi is also happy