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NHK「プロフェッショナル」 [能登のプロフェッショナルたち] 放映のお知らせ

NHK「プロフェッショナル」 [能登のプロフェッショナルたち] が放映されます。
Appearance on NHK’s “The Professionals” [Professionals in Noto]
【English follows Japanese】

1月下旬より1ヶ月半 NHKのクルーの方々に代表の桐本泰一をはじめ、

NHK プロフェッショナル 仕事の流儀





For a month and a half from the end of January, we had a crew from NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) interview Taiichi Kirimoto, Representative, and some of our craftsmen throughout the post-disaster period.

NHK “Professional” [Professionals in Noto]
Monday, March 11
10:00 P.M. – 10:45 P.M. (45 minutes)

The disaster-stricken area of Noto is in the midst of recovery, and there are people who continue to struggle. Daizo Shibano, the world’s best gelato maker, whom we once covered in Professional.
He is reunited with the producers who were affected by the disaster, and his product is one of their revival efforts. Noto Touji, Naohiko Noguchi, known as the “God of Sake,” makes a choice to pass on his skills to the next generation.
Then there is Taiichi Kirimoto, the leader of Wajima-nuri, who is called “the indomitable Kirimoto”. A man who loves Wajima-nuri Urushi lacquerware puts his passion into his “unyielding vessel”. There are professionals in Noto.


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