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能登のお酒と【呑む】ための道具市 〜輪島キリモトの漆の酒器とともに〜

期間:2023年7月12日(水)→ 18日(火)
10:00~20:00 (最終日は18時閉場)

場所:阪神梅田本店 地下1階 お酒売り場内「コミュニティスペース」


Exhibition of Noto Sake and Drinking Utensils Market – with Wajima Kirimoto’s Urushi Lacquer Sake Cups
In the Noto region of northern Ishikawa Prefecture, sake and wine are made with the utmost care, and Urushi lacquerware for sake is created to enhance the enjoyment of these wines.

The “Yorokoppu”, newly produced last year, and other sake cups, kataguchi, guchinomi, cups, etc., which are gentle to the touch and palate, are all available for drinking.
We will also introduce tools for “drinking”.

Period: June 8th, 2022 (Wednesday) → 14th (Tuesday)
10: 00-20: 00 (closed at 18:00 on the last day)

Venue : “Community space” in the liquor store on the B1FHanshin Department Store Umeda Main Store

※桐本泰一が在店する7月14日(金)午後 → 17日(月・祝)は、漆の酒器にお客様が想う「漆絵」を承ります。 漆の酒器などをお選びいただき、桐本泰一が想いを伺い、輪島の絵師に色漆で描いてもらいます。(有償)

From Friday afternoon, 14th of July to Monday, the 17th of July, when Taiichi Kirimoto will be at the store, we will offer “Urushi-e” (Urushi lacquer painting) service on Urushi lacquered sake cups.
Please choose a Urushi lacquer sake cup and have a painter from Wajima paint it with colored Urushi lacquer. (For a fee).
The price of the painting will vary depending on the content of the painting.
We would appreciate it if you could bring your favorite flowers and plants, beloved pets, names, family crests, etc. that can be used as references for the painting.

Taiichi Kirimoto, Wajima Kirimoto

石川県輪島市杉平町大百苅70番5   〒928−0011
70-5 Ohyakugari, Sugihiramachi, Wajima-shi, Ishikawa 928-0011 Japan