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福岡・岩田屋本店 「輪島キリモト 暮らしを彩る漆の器展」のお知らせ

■と き:11月29日(水)〜 12月5日(火)[最終日午後5時終了]
■ところ:福岡・岩田屋本店 新館6階 プロモーションスペース


Exhibition “Urushi lacquerware which color to your daily life”
Period: From November 29th to December 5th
Venue : 6F of the annex building, Iwataya Main Store, Fukuoka

In the Wajima lacquerware production area, the vessels are covered with a cloth, coated with a base of a mixture of powdered Wajima jinoko (fired diatomaceous earth) and urushi lacquer. Then they are dried, and polished.
The finished urushi vessels grow to become long-lasting tools that add color to your daily life.
Urushi lacquer bowls, plates, bowls, cups, sake container, sake cups, trays, plates, cutlery, etc. will be exhibited and sold.
Please come and see the larger bowls and other items that can be used for Hakata Zoni, soup with rice cakes.

岩田屋本店 新館6階 プロモーションスペース
電話092−734−4686 直通 内線815−2615 担当:鎌田・石川・樋口