SIDE TABLE・Washi Ichimatsu bari , coated with Japanese paper and painted with lacquer in a checkered pattern
This side table with drawers can be put aside a sofa, bed or at an entrance.
Kiri uzukuri fuki urushi finish is applied to the main body. This finish provides a smooth touch and utilizes luster of the lacquer itself. Japanese paper and lacquer are applied in a checkered pattern on the front board of the drawers.
The Texture of the materials in simple design provides an accent.
There is space on the drawers in order to put frequently used items.

Finish:main body/Kiri uzukuri fuki urushi finish, front board of drawers/Japanese paper and painted lacquer in a checkered pattern
Material:natural lacquer, paulownia, Japanese paper
Color:main body/black, front board of drawers/ki-urushi (color of crude lacquer)
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The Lacquered painted Japanese paper in a checkered pattern in front of the drawers becomes brighter and also the pattern can be seen more clearly over time.

The Natural paulownia that is applied to the inside of the drawers serves as an insect repellent and has a preservation effect. This side table has both functionality and an aesthetic design. 

About care for lacquered furniture
Wipe with a moist cloth and then dry it off with a dry cloth.
Polishing with a dry cloth will prevent white marks consisting of chlorine and will keep the furniture beautiful.
When stains cannot be removed by wiping with a dry cloth, moisten the cloth with a little neutral detergent, and then wipe it as in the above procedure.

About secular change
The color of the furniture immediately after you use it seems to be dark. After six months to one year, lacquer settles and becomes more transparent then an enhanced sense of natural depth expression is revealed.  The Dark color is weakened and the entire image is brightened.
This is the characteristic of lacquer and not color fading.
Please enjoy the impression of the lacquer which is completed slowly over a longer period of time.
※The change differs depending on the place of your usage.
※The change of color will settle over several years.