The Fukiurushi finished black lid and unfinished plain wood box make for a beautiful contrast. The lid is made of the Japanese white-bark magnolia and it is opened and closed by sliding the lid (which has Arihozo, dovetail joints finish) until it meets with the Arihozo. The Japanese white-bark magnolia is a tree whose leaves are used for wrapping food and as a cooking tool of the Japanese dish, Hooba-miso (magnolia leaves grilled with miso and Japanese leeks). It is the tree that is important to the life of Japanese people.
The main body of ATEHAKO is carefully assembled with the parts of Thujopsis dolabrata which is the local wood material in Wajima. Hinoki asunaro (Thujopsis dolabrata) has an element called hinokior which has a healing effect, and you can enjoy a fresh aroma. In addition, it functions as an insecticide and antiseptic, and water resistant.

technique: Fuki-urushi only for the lid
material: Natural lacquer and Japanese white-bark magnolia, and Thujopsis dolabrata
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ATEHAKO ・E(Pen case・Large)
¥10,800 : 7.56×3.6×h1.7 inch

ATEHAKO・O(Chopsticks case for family)
¥10,800 : 7.56×3.6×h1.7 inch

ATEHAKO・KA(Pen case・Small)
¥21,600 : 10.5×5.43×h3.54 inch

ATEHAKO・KI(Chopsticks case for two)
¥8,640 : 9.8×2.32×h0.94 inch

ATEHAKO・KU(Card case・There is a hole in the bottom)
¥7,560 : 4.17×2.8×h1.38 inch

ATEHAKO・KE(Small box)
¥6,480 : 4.17×2.8×h1.38 inch

ATEHAKO・KO(Chopsticks case)
¥5,400 : 9.8×1.38×h0.94 inch

ATEHAKO・SA(Small box, Toothpick case)
¥5,400 : 3.4×2.2×h1.34 inch

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ATEHAKO has various sizes which beautifully contain tissues, pens, chopsticks, business cards, tooth picks, accessories, and so on.

Simple but dignified feature. You can enjoy the beauty of the trees.

This is Arihozo (dovetail joints). You will be fascinated by the devoted artisans’ technique.

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